Team Lotus TL11

Wow.  Rather quickly, we have another (albeit mostly-virtual) launch.  Here’s (an official render of) the Team Lotus TL11:

Scarbs hasn’t posted yet, so I’m free to speculate wildly and irresponsibly.

Again we see a high nose reminiscent of the Sauber C29 from last year.  There have been some regulations changes to make vee-section noses impractical, and (at least two) teams are responding by simply raising the whole nose to free up airflow to the front of the underbody.  There’s been some speculation that, with heavy KERS gear and the mandated weight distribution, constructors will want to keep the cars’ CG low and run a low nose section (as did BrawnGP in 2009); so far that hasn’t played out, but Team Lotus have confirmed that they aren’t running KERS at the beginning of the season.  Front wing mounts look very Toyota-ish.

From the front we see that the sidepods are heavily sculpted and slightly dihedral.  The big thing, obviously, is the blade-style roll structure.  Those were assumed to have been banned for 2011; however, the regulations merely insist on a minimum surface area which everyone assumed would make roll blades unappealing.  (Insert your own snide comment about the prognosticative value of regulations here.)  Mirror mounts are plain ol’ posts, nothing sculpted like the F150’s.  No sign of TV camera fairings.

Here we see the relatively high engine cover.  Lotus are using a Red Bull gearbox this year, which implies a springless pullrod setup.  With that in mind, I’d have expected much more compact bodywork around the rear, but I guess Mike Gascoyne and company have something else in mind.

Further commentary in this forum thread.

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  1. August 19, 2013 at 18:41

    正規取扱店店舗 – 購入激安

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