2011 F1 season: speculation ’til the last

With mere hours left ’til Ferrari launches the — giggle, snort — F150, Craig Scarborough has posted some rather detailed sketches of what a generic 2011 car might look like:

Good stuff.  I like the idea of using the starter hole as an exhaust outlet to blow the diffuser, and wonder if the proposed upper outlet might be used to drive a venturi section incorporating the beam wing.  Also, holy shit front wings are crazy.  Crazy awesome.

(Related programming note: the 2011 24 Hours of Daytona starts Saturday at 12:30 PST.  It ought to be pretty damn amazing — note that Flying Lizard is running a Daytona Prototype this year, and snagged pole in the Porsche/Riley that David Donohue used to win in 2009.)


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