Conor Friedersdorf on Keith Olbermann’s retirement:

Exhausted by day’s end, I’d metro back to Woodley Park, eager for a wind down beer, always forgetting that Countdown would be blaring. I didn’t care about its politics. But watching gave me that anxious, vaguely pissed off feeling one gets sitting for an hour without air-conditioning in gridlocked freeway traffic, behind a semi and next to a guy blasting Eminem. It was all about the mood. I needed a mindless break before retiring to my room for some freelancing. Instead I came as close as I’ll ever be to understanding what the audience felt during the debut of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring.”


Let me put it to you this way. You’re talking to a recent immigrant at jury duty. He is telling you how determined he is to be a good citizen and civic role model for his kid. a) “So I’ve been trying to read Tocqueville in the evenings after work.” b) “So I try to attend an occasional City Council meeting.” c) “So I’ve been volunteering as a precinct captain during elections.” d) “So I keep up with the Supreme Court by reading the most significant opinions each session. e) “So I keep up with what Congress is doing by reading The New York Times.” f) “So I read the blogs of a few political scientists each day.” g) “So I watch Keith Olbermann every night.”

Is there any doubt that “g” is the worst option?

With very few exceptions, the retirement of a popular political talking head is great news: it’s likely to result in fewer people watching political television.

(Emphasis added.)


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