Life imitates art

In this case, the Canadian federal government’s imitating Denis Leary:


The federal government has introduced new rules that will force tobacco companies to include larger and more graphic anti-smoking warning labels on cigarette packages.

Once the rules are enacted, the new anti-smoking ads will cover 75 per cent of the package, instead of the current required 50 per cent, federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq said Thursday.

Because the trouble is, smokers just haven’t noticed yet.

So before y’all write me off as a parasitic corporate shill taking wheelbarrows of money from teh ebil tabacky corpuh-ayshuns, let me explain what Bastiatan economists usually refer to as “that which is not seen“.  For example, the .gc.ca could probably have fed every single homeless person in Vancouver a sumptuous Christmas dinner of turkey, stuffing, overcooked root vegetables, canned green beans, et-fucking-cetera for the cost of the press conference given by Minister Aglukkaq.  Instead, they chose to tell Canadians that they’re planning to tell smokers something that smokers already know, once they get around to telling tobacco companies to tell those Canadian smokers what they already know.  Actually telling tobacco companies to &c. is of course going to cost more money, which could be spent, say, buying MRI, CT, and PET scanners for cancer wards across Canada.

I guess this all folds into the Keynesian multiplier or something…?


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