Red Bull Renault wins 2010 World Constructors’ Championship

Being a car nerd as well as a racing fan, I have no problem with races like this year’s Brazilian GP — watching two spectacularly well-engineered cars (oh… and their drivers) perform brilliantly at a challenging circuit like Interlagos is plenty satisfying.  Red Bull Renault clinched the WCC with a one-two finish; Alonso finished third to keep his WDC title lead going into the last race at Abu Dhabi, where he’ll need to keep pace with the Red Bulls — in particular, with Mark Webber — to win overall.

Red Bull had a chance to do in Brazil what Ferrari did in Germany, and order Vettel to let Webber through for a better position in the WDC.  I’m finding it difficult to express how irritated I am by the whole “team orders” discussion: it’s rather like having a fragment of popcorn shell stuck deep in my gumline.  On the one hand, the concept of a driver being ordered by his team to let a competitor pass uncontested is crass (in contrast to Peter Collins offering Juan-Manuel Fangio his Ferrari at Monza in 1956), and Ferrari’s long and storied history of crass competitive behaviour is no excuse.  On the other hand, it’s not like Red Bull has covered themselves in gentlemanly glory, either: the banal saga of Webber’s front wing at Silverstone and the stunning idiocy of Vettel’s abortive pass at Istanbul both leap immediately to mind.  And on the gripping hand, the insultingly transparent politicking of the drivers regarding safety issues at Korea just goes to show that no advantage will go unexploited by any team.

I’ve resolved not to give a shit (although this blog post shows how well I’m succeeding), based simply on the fact that every driver presently in contention for the WDC had plenty of chances to take it cleanly, and threw those chances away (except, perhaps, Alonso — his car let him down early in the season rather than his driving).  If you catch me bitching after Abu Dhabi about how Vettel was unfairly denied the WDC and Alonso’s title should have an asterisk, remind me that Vettel would have a good twenty or thirty more points if he hadn’t lost his patience and crashed out of the points at Istanbul and Spa-Francorchamps.

And speaking of Abu Dhabi — that’s next weekend, and if last year’s race at the Yas Marina circuit was any indication, Kamui Kobayashi should make things exciting again.  (Speaking of Kobayashi: what happened to his late-braking prowess from Suzuka?  He didn’t look good at all going into the Senna S this morning.)


2 Responses to “Red Bull Renault wins 2010 World Constructors’ Championship”

  1. November 8, 2010 at 09:04

    How do you explain the sheer majesty of F1? Here’s a brief look from Richard Hammond:

    I find myself rooting for Alonso. I believe his racing will be more on the edge in the upcoming event.

    • November 9, 2010 at 19:56

      That video was outstanding. Thank you!

      I think I understand how you feel about Alonso. He’s an outstanding driver and seems a true gentleman, and it’s been fun to watch him enjoy his first year at his dream team of Ferrari.

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