Wet tracks are occasionally the great equalizer in Formula One, but more often than not the good drivers — and good cars — finish where they belong.  Two years ago, a rainy Monza gave Sebastian Vettel his first win — in a Toro Rosso.  Since then (and driving a Red Bull) he’s established himself as one of the better drivers in the wet, and was comfortably leading Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton — both good drivers in good cars.  This morning, Nico Hülkenberg brought his Williams FW32 into Q3 on a rapidly-drying Interlagos circuit; not a bad performance for the rookie, as Williams have struggled consistently to match the pace of Mercedes and Renault over the 2010 season.  But when a dry line formed midway through the final session and the contenders hit the pits for options, Nico found the drying track’s rhythm more quickly than anyone else and ripped off a series of brilliantly quick laps to take pole by over a second on top of Vettel.

None of this should be taken to indicate that Hülkenberg’s going to dominate the race to the same degree — Vettel was doing 1:11s in dry practice to Nico’s 1:14.47 pole-setting time.  Williams fans should not set our hopes too high.  But until the lights go out tomorrow morning, I think we can call him the Incredible Hülk.


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