The wondrous evolution of the English language

Arnold Kling gives us a truly delightful new phrase:

You simply must make room on your financial crisis porn bookshelf for the forthcoming All the Devils are Here, by Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera.

(Emphasis, of course, added.)

Well, I post and link to car porn all the time; I don’t see why Kling can’t have financial crisis porn.  And to be honest, about a third of my recent econobook purchases have been just that.  (This compares to about half of my recent car-book purchases, excluding the magazines.  And no, the pages of my Racecar Engineering issues are not stuck together.)

Oh, hell; have some gratuitous car porn.  Here’s Gerhard Berger in the McLaren MP4/6:

I love the airbox lines on early-’90s Formula One cars: simple, but aggressive.  Strangely, though, I find I’ve gone completely cold on low-nose open-wheelers.  I blame Adrian Newey.


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