We don’t build excitement anymore

I guess I should say some shit about the death of Government Motors’ mullet brand.  (NYT link; do mind the dumbworms.)  Much of this is due to Tam’s eloquent elegy.

First off: I do rather like the Solstice, mostly for its repeated appearances at the SCCA Runoffs.  That requires no further explication; if a sports car performs that well in an honest-to-balls competitive setting, it has justified itself.

Second: I want a Fiero.  Yeah, really.  I do want a last-generation Fiero — when they’d ditched the Citation suspension for something that actually worked and put a proper engine in the car, but nonetheless the plastic-bodied Pontiac holds a special place in my notional driveway.  If I have to I will weld a new frame from fucking scratch but the Fiero deserves a place of pride in American vehicular history.  At some point we decided that a small, light, quick mid-engined car was good — and I will be dipped in shit if I let us get that close to Colin Chapman’s ideal and just drop it off the cliff of historical ignorance.

But third: yeah, DIAF Pontiac.  I’d rather that GM focused on the Corvette brand than upon mullet cars like… er… hey, Camaro!  Get off my damn lawn!

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