That is not dead which can eternal lie

…and in strange eons even death the regulatory state may die.

Robin Hanson endorses mild regulation against “the summoning of dark supernatural powers which might destroy us all. Seriously.”

Well, I believe that society will asymptotically approach anarchocapitalism as t \rightarrow \infty, so eventually it will become legal to summon Yog-Sothoth, wake Cthulhu, or open portals to the blasted chaos of Azathoth on your own property.  I can’t imagine a sustainable anarchocapitalist society emerging without ridiculously strong property-rights notions and negligible transaction costs, though, and the Coase theorem makes me wonder just how great the external costs of bringing Outer Gods into contact with the frail backwater of human consciousness would be.

Meanwhile, I oppose Hanson’s regulations on the grounds that they trample my voting rights:

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