2010 Korean GP

A few thoughts on the matter:

  1. The stewards were absolutely right to delay the start of the race and run the first third or so behind the safety car.  New track, no drainage, no wet-weather tire data, and walls on the exit of high-speed corners all add up to “don’t take any fucking chances”.  Petrov’s crash cements that opinion for me; imagine if he’d done that in a packed field on lap 1.
  2. That said, the transparent politicking by the drivers regarding track conditions was really goddamn annoying.
  3. Congratulations are due to Fernando Alonso for a solid drive, but particularly to Ferrari for (a) bringing the F10 back into championship form after a dismal middle half of the season and (b) reassembling Alonso’s car just before the race.  I’m a little bit heartbroken to see Red Bull junk their WDC hopes, but the WCC seems pretty safe.
  4. Mark Webber is a true gentleman.  I can’t imagine being that forthright and polite after throwing away (likely) my only shot at a WDC.
  5. Yeongam!  Wow, what a great circuit; easily one of Tilke’s best efforts and on par with Sepang and Istanbul.  Once again, elevation changes and fast corner complexes make brilliant tracks.  Drainage is of course an issue on everyone’s mind, but as the tarmac ages it should go away.
  6. What the fuck is wrong with Adrian Sutil?  He made a lot of contact trying to outbrake people he just couldn’t outbrake.  You don’t have Kobayashi’s superpowers, buddy; learn some patience.
  7. Outstanding race by Schumi.
  8. Kudos to the Korean fans for sticking around in the rain, and a job well done by the officials to give them a full race distance and a reasonable amount of green-flag racing.
  9. Off to Interlagos!

2 Responses to “2010 Korean GP”

  1. October 25, 2010 at 08:23

    That was a riveting race. And to have the leader–just passed–have his engine blow up? You think they wanted the race called? Good job for Ferrari and Alonso.

    • October 25, 2010 at 11:13

      I’m pretty sure Red Bull saw the engine on its way out a few laps in advance — hence Vettel’s radio comment about it being too dark to see the braking markers into T1. You could see him slow up just before the engine blew, and that’s when Alonso passed him, but going by their split times Alonso might’ve caught Vettel for real in a couple of laps.

      Between engine failures and the rumoured 30hp deficit, Red Bull would be better off switching away from Renault as an engine supplier. I wonder if Mercedes would be interested in selling them engines; I’m pretty sure Ferrari wouldn’t, on the principle that Red Bull (unlike STR) can actually compete with the Scuderia. On the other hand, in two years we’ll have turbocharged GREs, and all bets are off.

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