Interesting and meme-shaped: the queue

LabRat posted a first approximation of her backlog of books.  What the hell; that sounds fun, and it’s something I can do instead of thinking.  Here’s what I have within arm’s reach of my bedside — books, that is — and which I’m making at least a desultory effort to read:

On the table, top of the stack to bottom-

  • Bentley, Ross: Speed Secrets 2.  If I’m gonna spend $40 on F1 2010 and a good $200 or more on other racing sims, I can spend a further $12 to learn how to do it right.  Also the only one of the stack that I”m actively reading.
  • Tufte, Virginia: Artful Sentences.  how 2 rite good.
  • Marcus Aurelius: Meditations.  If only I’d pay more attention.
  • Smiley, Gene: Rethinking the Great Depression.  The first half-finished econobook on the list, it won’t be the last.
  • May, Rollo: Power and Innocence.  I don’t know if I even care about this book any more, which doesn’t bode well for the books below it.
  • A cable bill.  WTF?
  • Cooper, Jeff: Principles of Personal Defense.  I’m a bit embarrassed that this is so deeply buried; maybe it just likes being closer to my kukri.
  • Morris, Desmond: Peoplewatching.  Good book to read in bite-sized chunks or larger; shame it got superseded.
  • Strachan, Hew: Carl von Clausewitz’s On War.  Strachan’s European Armies and the Conduct of War impressed the hell out of me, so I picked this book up based on the author.  Haven’t gotten much through the biographical information, though.
  • Sherman, Nancy: Stoic Warriors. Part of the same interest in stoicism that brought me Meditations; obviously didn’t do quite as well at holding my attention.
  • Sowell, Thomas: The Quest for Cosmic Justice.  I love this book, except when I hate it.  Bears signs of having been thrown across the room.  About 80% complete; I should just grind through the OH THOMAS SOWELL NO and finish the damn thing.
  • Obviously it’s been a while since I last dusted that table.

On the floor next to the bed, top to bottom-

Of course, those lists don’t include the dozen or so research papers competing for space with the books on the nightstand, but you folks don’t care about those.

Edit: Of course I completely missed the opportunity to joke about how my queue is really a stack.  Does this mean I have to hand in my ACM membership?  D’oh!

3 Responses to “Interesting and meme-shaped: the queue”

  1. 1 aczarnowski
    October 21, 2010 at 09:49

    You can read Principles of Defense in an hour and move on. Good stuff, good way to solidify what you probably already know, but it’d be a couple of blog posts today. Given his commentaries the guy probably would have been a great blogger.

    Pragmatic Programmer is also a good one for telling you to do the right thing like you already know you should be.

  2. October 21, 2010 at 11:12

    I love this book, except when I hate it. Bears signs of having been thrown across the room. About 80% complete; I should just grind through the OH THOMAS SOWELL NO and finish the damn thing.

    I lol’d. I haven’t read that particular book, but I KNOW THE FEELING.

    Take Desmond Morris with a large grain of salt. He’s strongest in his area of most actual work, which happily in this case is anthropology, but let’s just say he’s never let a lack of information stop him from speculating. Or from presenting his speculations as the only possible logical conclusion.

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