Schneier on Stuxnet

While I’m linking to other people’s stuff, here’s an excellent article by Bruce Schneier describing the recently-popular Stuxnet worm.  If you’re interested in computer security — or if you’re interested in global security and want a solid base from which to speculate about this latest apparent act of cyberwar — you’ll be well rewarded for reading this:

My guess, worth what you’re paying for it, is that Stuxnet is indeed an act of deliberate industrial sabotage. I’m willing to believe that it’s government-sponsored; anyone else would be looking for some sort of return on investment, and the stories one has to tell (conveniently summarized at the bottom of Schneier’s article) to make this a plausibly profitable move for a private concern go just a bit beyond what Ockham’s Razor leads us to prefer.  There’s a lot of protectionism going around lately; I’d not be surprised if Stuxnet is related.


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