All linky, no thinky: special issue on suspension geekery

I’ve been in a motorsports-y mood for a while now, between the nail-bitingly close F1 Driver’s Championship race, the release of F1 2010, and most of all the leadup to the 2010 Petit Le Mans at one of my favourite tracks ever, Road Atlanta.

A race car’s tires are its most important component: those four little shoe-sized contact patches are the only things connecting the car to the track and making the former go around the latter, ideally real fast.  Those tires are connected to the chassis by way of wheels and hubs and uprights, which are interesting in their own way, but mostly serve as necessary bracketry to put the tires in touch with the car’s suspension.  It’s that last component that governs the behaviour of those four critical contact patches as the car brakes, corners, accelerates, and eventually brakes again, over and over for (in this case) ten hours or a thousand miles (whichever comes first).

What better way to get excited about the Petit Le Mans than to ogle the fantastically elegant suspension of McLaren’s latest road-going supercar, the MP4-12C?  C’mon, let’s go ogle!

It’s naked, all the better to ogle:

As cool as this naked chassis is, I would rather have a 2012 McLaren MP4-12C at home in my driveway, up on jackstands with the wheels off. Why? Getting one to my home would involve me driving it, of course.

But McLaren isn’t quite ready to hand out keys just yet, not even for those who come armed with a quarter-million dollars in cash. No, even the paying customers must wait.

In this unfortunate reality, a de-bodied protoype like this is a more-than-acceptable substitute.

Go on, RTWT.

Next, we kick the car-nerdery up another notch with the latest installment of MotoIQ’s Ultimate Handling Guide:

Subtitle: Why Macpherson strut suspensions suck dead bunnies through bent straws.  (Hint: look what happens to the roll moment in bump.)  Some haterade from Mike Kojima, to whet your appetite:

The biggest difficulty you as a tuner will encounter is convincing the dumped to the ground hella flush ricer with his super slammer springs that he has actually messed up his car.  Actually don’t bother convincing them, if they are a fellow competitor, the convincing will be your smoking them on the track; after all it isn’t all about stance.

Read that whole thing, too; it’s amusing.

And finally, because Petit Le Mans:

Peugeots, a Porsche hybrid, Panoz — If you’ve got a TV and you love cars, what the hell else would you watch on Saturday?

Exactly.  (Go Audi!)


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