Beers of Vancouver, vol. 19

Today’s beer is Howe Sound’s Pothole Filler Imperial Stout.  It is delicious.

At cellar temperature, it’s tempting to say that there’s not much to the beer (which is an odd thing to say about a 9% ABV Imperial Stout).  The flavour is thick, rich, and very long, but not complex in the same way as, say, Pumpkineater.  It’s dark chocolate malty: fine, smooth, and oh so rich.  The aftertaste is much the same, which is about the best one can hope for.  This is the pure, unadulterated, Platonic form of imperial stout — simple and elegant.  If perfection is what you’re left with when there’s nothing left to take away, this is the perfect stout.  (I would, however, like to present Old Rasputin as a counterexample to Mr. de Saint-Exupéry.)


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