Can I get a “fuck yeah”?

This from Conor Freiersdorf:

The United States is not on the brink of turning into Oceania, or even Singapore. But anyone with their eyes open ought to notice that the United States is already too close for comfort to “knocks in the night” and “jackbooted thugs.” Even worse, most Americans are either ignorant of that fact, or else unconcerned by truly egregious state behavior. This blindness is particularly striking among conservatives, who are constantly worrying about lost liberty, and looking for its leading indicators in all the wrong places. But it is a bi-partisan and cross-ideological myopia.


Americans are on an assassination list already. Innocents are imprisoned today. SWAT teams took out countless doors in no-knock raids this week. The last two presidents have asserted authority unprecedented in American history… and even when they break the law it goes unpunished.


Forced to choose, I’d rather live in the ACLU’s idea of the perfect America than a country where we repeal Obamacare, eliminate earmarks, and persist in chipping away at civil liberties to fight drugs and terrorists. The former may be a “road to serfdom.” The latter is a shortcut to the same place.

(Emphasis added in the third paragraph, not in the second.)

Read The Whole Thing.  (“Hey, guys?  There’s an elephant in the room, right over there.”)


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