More linky, less thinky

We’ll start with the least angry post, which is itself an more-linky-less-thinky piece:

Oh, hey, I know! Let’s have another bailout and postpone the reckoning another eighteen months or so!  What does “sovereign debt crisis” mean?


Next, Karl Smith goes wharrgarbl:

We have very low capacity utilization (75%) and very high unemployment (10%).

That is, we have factories sitting idle for lack of workers – low capacity utilization. At the same time we have workers sitting idle for lack of factories – high unemployment.

There are machines waiting to be worked and people waiting to work them but they are not getting together. The labor market is failing to clear.

This is a fucking disaster.



Finally, Dr. Hirta snarks about one particular presentation format:

Apparently in fields outside mathematics, a “poster” is considered a serious form of academic communication and not something that middle-schoolers make with markers, construction paper, and glitter.

In computing science, posters are a sort of consolation prize: something you’re invited to submit when the programme committee rejects your paper but would love for you to pay the conference registration fee regardless.


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