Turns out I’m doing it right

From Eli Dourado:

(Hat tip: Robin Hanson)

The first step, therefore, to higher quality comments is “be more niche.” Discourage your marginal readers with technical language, obscure references, and lengthy posts. Your marginal readers are not of high value anyway, and driving them away is an excellent way to improve the average comment of your inframarginal readers.

Technical language?  Check.

Obscure references?  Got ’em.

Lengthy posts?  I’m no skippystalin, but I crack a thousand words pretty regularly.

I also deploy a tactic that Dourado neglected to mention: random topic shift.  Come here for the libertarian econo-wonkery?  Surprise, Marginal Reader: maybe this week I’m talking about Formula One tire compounding and the effects of sidewall rigidity on underbody aero stability.  If you’re into that, you’ll surely love next week, where I go on about graphics and beer and link to snark about architecture astronauts (h/t: Brian Dunbar).  And if you’re a motophilic game programmer at the margins, don’t despair: we’ll be back to econo-wonkery soon enough, or maybe I’ll just bitch about public transit again.

It works brilliantly: my comment threads are places of blissful serenity… and the occasional tumbleweed.


4 Responses to “Turns out I’m doing it right”

  1. September 6, 2010 at 17:39

    Or you might just be that crazy uncle, that everyone just nods at, because if you dare say anything, you might get sucked into some sort of conversation sociopathic derangement that you’ll never escape without pissing off ALL the in-laws …

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