Hey, it worked for LabRat…

(viz. and viz.)

Sorry folks, my energy levels are lower than my blogging ambitions and even my giveashit.  Blame circumstance, The Fucking Dissertation, and the Cartesian product of bourbon and college football.

I have, in various states of partial completion:

  • A pissy rant about the pissy rants of grad students and public servants
  • A rhetorical curbstomp of people who whine about sectoral shift
  • A fawning summary of Arnold Kling’s recalculation argument mixed with Tyler Cowen’s Zero Marginal Productivity theory
  • A cautiously optimistic analysis of the planned Hermann Tilke Grand Prix track in Texas
  • A glass of Bulleit bourbon and the USC-Hawaii game

If you just can’t wait for new stuff to read, Cafe Hayek is outstanding lately:

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