Quote of the day, housing policy edition… THE SEQUEL

It’s back… and it’s looking for melodramatic titles!

Okay, okay, enough.  Here’s Warren from Coyote Blog, reacting to a bipedal dumbworm colony which’d been wailing about the trend towards renting:

Renting pays a lot of benefits, not the least of which is the mobility it adds to the labor market.  Individuals with leases are less tied to a certain spot, so have more flexibility to leave a given area to seek better opportunities elsewhere  (this actually triggers a thought I had not had before — I wonder if government promotion of home ownership, particularly at the state and local level — can be seen as a modern form of serfdom, with politicians attempting to tie people to the land so they cannot move and take their tax money elsewhere).

RTWT… and the comment thread is good too.


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