Links to greatness

First, a well-phrased, even-handed, and insightful post from Brad Warbiany comparing progressivism, conservatism, and libertarianism with if anything a bit too much charity:


Next, some wharrgarbl:

I get some of this shit about computers (“Hey, you’re doing a PhD in computer graphics?  I need to make a web site, can you teach me Photoshop?”).  I get a lot of this about other topics of interest:

The single most annoying thing non-car people say to me is “How do you know all this stuff?” And not in a “Wow, you’re knowledgeable about this subject” sort of way, but with an inflection that implies you knowing something about cars means you can’t possibly understand anything else. Even worse, it’s not when you’re trying to explain how mechanical fuel injection works — it’s when you mention the simplest concept. Like when I saw a bunch of people trying to get a big heavy SUV out of the snow by putting cardboard boxes underneath the front tires and I just told them all to climb in the back. Rather than thanking me, the owner gave me the old “How do you know all this stuff.” I just laughed it off, but I wanted to reply “Because I understand how physics works, dumbass. You have a RWD truck.” End rant.

2 Responses to “Links to greatness”

  1. 1 aczarnowski
    August 20, 2010 at 06:50

    Oh man. So true. Understanding physics is often a curse in the land of the eloi.

    A long while back my (lovely and wonderful) wife returned after visiting friends. Turns out a new significant other in the group had a motorcycle. I ride and have always been a bike nerd.

    Her: Foo’s new boyfriend had a really great looking new motorcycle!
    Me: What was it?
    Her: Green.
    Me: You will never live this down.

    “Was it green?” is now our standard catch phrase for lacking details.

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