Beers of Vancouver, vol. 16

The beer on the table this time is Howe Sound’s Bailout Bitter, described on the bottle as “a hoppy golden ale with recession-fighting properties. […] A bitter ale for bitter times.”  Is craft beer countercyclical?

Anyway.  The beer, as advertised, is golden — a couple shades lighter than your standard IPA — and reasonably hoppy, though nowhere near the level of a pilsner (let alone the sorts of IPAs I tend to drink).  The aftertaste diffidently makes its presence known, a bit maltier than the beer’s first impression, then vanishes from the palate before it gets obnoxious.

Bailout Bitter is a crisp and unassuming beer that sticks to the job at hand and otherwise leaves you alone.  (Perhaps this is what Howe Sound Brewing had in mind when they referenced its “recession-fighting properties” — if more politicians were like this beer, we’d be in better shape.)  It’s not spectacular beer, but I keep buying it.


1 Response to “Beers of Vancouver, vol. 16”

  1. September 2, 2010 at 09:49

    Thanks for the beer review! I like your line “if more politicians were like this beer, we’d be in better shape.)” ! Awesome!
    If you have a chance we have our Pumpkin Ale out starting this week. Also keep your eyes open for the Total Eclipse of the Hop Imperial IPA that should show up in stores in the next month or two. :)

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