Concerning automobiles

First of all, holy fucking shit, man:

Wanna buy a Lotus?  I think I have my mid-life crisis planned out.


How do you get more spectacular than a customer sorta-F1 car with a built-in support team?  Well, you put Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet into real F1 cars and send ’em around the Hungaroring, circa 1986:

(Hat tip: F1 Fanatic)


And finally, now that we’re all emotionally drained from the sheer throbbing awesome above, here’s Nick Rowe on the economics of working on one’s own car:

He lists several good reasons to work on one’s own vehicle rather than bring it to a mechanic (as comparative advantage would dictate for econ profs), then asks:

5. What else have I missed?

Two things come to mind:

  1. If you have to ask, you’ll never know
  2. Fuck you, that’s why

But that’s just me being glib.  (I hasten to add that these responses are directed towards Dr. Rowe’s imaginary interlocutor, not at Dr. Rowe himself.  Anyone who fixes up an MX6 for fun is okay in my book.)


1 Response to “Concerning automobiles”

  1. August 12, 2010 at 14:29

    I used to fix my own car…’69 Buick Skylark that often needed fixing. But pretty much stopped when we moved to NZ. Reasons:
    1. Shop set-up costs. Some of my tools moved with me, but some didn’t. Equipping a shop isn’t cheap.
    2. Opportunity costs. A weekend spent fixing the car was a weekend not spent touring the country.
    3. Skill depreciation. Grew up on a farm helping Dad fix mechanical things, not electrical things. I knew what everything on my Buick did (or, more often, didn’t) and why it was there. Moved here, bought a ’96 Toyota Rav as was optimal for the driving mix here. But buggered if I could figure out what even some of the indicator lights were for, never mind what to do about them.
    4. Kids showed up. Can imagine in a couple of years that young Ira will really like working on cars (he loves stories about fixing cars, can point out the alternator on most cars at age 2.5). But, for now, a weekend spent fixing the car means massive side-payments to Susan who’d have to be watching both kids.

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