Recommend me some Formula One books

Let’s see if I can leverage the distributed-content revolution with a blatant bleg….

I’m morally certain that I’m wrong about this, but it sure looks like there are a lot more books — technical histories, in particular — on sports car prototypes (half of which discuss the Porsche 917) than on Formula One cars of the ’80s and ’90s.  Help me out and point me to some good crunchy books in the spirit of, say, Girogio Piola’s Formula One technical analyses — but covering roughly the time period between 1983 (end of ground effects) and 1997 (last year on slicks ’til 2009).  So far the best I can find is The Complete Book of Formula One, which looks neat if spread a bit thin.

I can guarantee that whatever I come up with will spawn at least one racing-nerd blog post.

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