Still more linky, still less thinky

Did you know that Grassroots Motorsports is the best car-guy periodical ever written?  It’s true!  Sorry, Jalopnik; you’ll have to try harder.


Here’s skippystalin on the Battle of Toronto (er, that is, the recent G20 summit) and the drastic measures taken by the Province of Ontario to ensure that nothing bad happened.  Good thing they did, or there might have been violence… oh, wait.


Via Below the Beltway, we discover that Rick Moran has clearly and succinctly stated what ought to be obvious:

In particular:

It got to the point last week, after reading the usual nonsense from many conservatives about how Obama is deliberately trying to “destroy” the country, or is a Marxist, or wants to be a dictator, or is favoring Muslims in the Middle East because he actually is one, or is plotting to cancel the elections in November, or wasn’t born here/not a naturalized citizen/Hawaiian official says he was born in Kenya/yadayadayadayada…that I nearly screamedSTOP THE MADNESS!

Jesus lord God I get nauseated reading this crap. And in my two jobs, I have to read it all the time. Comments, articles, emails – it never stops. Conspiracies, falsehoods, batshit crazy observations, wildly off base dot connecting, Cloward-Piven, Rules for Radicals — a never ending flood of idiocy, illogic, unreasoning hatred, and just plain ignorance from people who tell me I am insufficiently passionate in my opposition to Obama and the liberals and am therefore on their side.

It’s like the previous 8 years of putting up with the exact same crap from liberals about George Bush never happened.

The. Exact. Same. Crap.

Bush the dictator. Bush trying to destroy the country. Bush policies formulated only to help cronies. Don’t these people remember how we laughed at that kind of stupidity?

Well, I’m still giggling — at things like Sarah “Lamestream Media” Palin kicking out bloggers on her own side at speaking events — but it seems clear that the back-and-forth soccer-fan hooliganism between Team Donkey and Team Elephant is caught in a positive feedback loop.  I’m hoping it’ll lead to a cataclysmic (and immensely satisfying) shattering of the two dominant parties into, oh, half a dozen or more splinters, so that Washington can enjoy the same sort of feeble, ineffective government that’s been in place in Ottawa for the past six and a half glorious years.


On Ezra Klein’s blog, Dylan Matthews gives us a neat idea to fund Social Security:

Janemarie Mulvey and Debra Whitman of the Congressional Research Service looked at this question in 2008 by evaluating three different proposals. The first would raise the cap so that 90 percent of wages are taxed (CRS estimates this would mean a cap of $171,600 in 2006) and pay higher benefits to those affected; the second would eliminate the cap and pay higher benefits; and the third would eliminate the cap for taxes but would not increase benefits.


While all proposals put a dent in the shortfall, completely eliminating the cap without increasing benefits actually creates a long-term surplus, and eliminating the cap while increasing benefits comes close. The nature of Social Security as a social insurance, rather than welfare, program suggests that the latter proposal may be more palatable, as it retains the connection between what wage-earners pay into Social Security and what they get out of it.

That’s not a bad idea at all, given that people tend to see their Social Security contributions as investments in their own future rather than immediate payment to existing beneficiaries (which is what actually happens with those contributions).  Of course, given the projected dominance of Medicare costs, addressing other problems is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, but fixing the Social Security shortfall would shift a big enough deck chair to tilt the bow up and get much of the gaping hole in the hull above the waterline.  For a while.


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