Laws for thee, but not for me

Well, at least not for North Carolinian Congressman (2nd district) Bob Etheridge:

(Hat tip: Radley Balko)

Matt G gets it right:

It’s short, so I’ll quote it in full:

You do NOT have a reasonable expectation of privacy from being photographed while on a public street.

Not if you’re a cop.

Not if you’re a congressman.

Get over yourselves. Public is PUBLIC.

As of this evening, most of Memeorandum’s getting it wrong.  The lefty commentariat’s in full-blown persecution-complex mode, complaining about how this must’ve been a Republican set-up (which apparently makes assault okay), and the righty commentariat’s gloating smugly about how this proves that all Democrats are hair-trigger violent assholes.  It’s being played as yet another amber stream in the endless Donkey-Elephant pissing contest.

That ain’t the point.

This is, as Matt G implied, a matter of Insiders With Authoritah abusing their power and demanding deferential treatment from the peasantry.  It has little to do with which idol Congressman Etheridge worships, except that the Democrats are naturally going to attract more critics than the Republicans while they’re the party in power.  This is purely a matter of “I’m going to put you in your place, you jumped-up little shit.”

2 Responses to “Laws for thee, but not for me”

  1. 1 MadRocketScientist
    June 15, 2010 at 07:35

    The kid should demand to press charges of assault.

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