Question for the day

This one comes from Stephen Gordon:

I would guess… both.  Not to mention full of shit and fucking nuts.  (As you might guess, this derives from the ongoing HST debate.)

Dr. Gordon elaborates:

  1. What is Gordon Campbell thinking? There is a strong – compelling, even – case to be made for the HST. Why didn’t he try to make it before introducing the legislation? What hasn’t he tried to make it since introducing the legislation?
  2. What is the BC NDP thinking? Why is it positioning itself as the anti-tax party? For that matter, why is the federal NDP offering its support for this position?
  3. Why is anyone paying attention to Bill Vander Zalm?

All I can think of in response is:

  1. Thinking?  Gordon Campbell?  You must’ve gotten him confused with a different Premier.
  2. Thinking?  The BC NDP? …oh, I already used that one.  They’ve become the west coast Party of “No”.  They’re the same people who opposed run-of-the-river power projects during the last provincial election — because omg teh corporate! or something — thus alienating every environmentalist in British Columbia.  Which is… everyone.  Good call, Carole James.
  3. I don’t even know who Bill Vander Zalm is, aside from some washed-up politico who sees the HST debate as a way to get another seven and a half minutes of fame.  So I’m guessing “vast media conspiracy”.

We’ve been over this before… my province is retarded.


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