Corporate tax policy reading list

Stephen Gordon over at Worthwhile Canadian Initiative is, much like the rest of the country, dismayed by the prospect of another election.  In particular, he’s dismayed that the Liberals are threatening to force such an election should the Conservatives try to reduce corporate income taxes in next year’s budget, and looks forward with resigned frustration to a shrill, hysterical, and content-free public “debate” on the matter.

Now, Dr. Gordon is rather good at things like tax wonkery, and has presented the internet with a reading list of papers illuminating the problem.  If you want to give your next tax-policy debate partner a solid smack upside the head — either figuratively by reading the research and sharpening your arguments, or literally by printing off all forty papers for use as a dead-tree bludgeon — you can find the list here:

If you’re after more unfiltered new-media goodness and less refined peer-reviewed goodness, you’ll probably prefer his blog post announcing the list:

Right at the end comes this point:

It might be argued that since all taxes generate distortions, there’s no particular reason to object to corporate taxes. But it turns out that corporate taxes are among the most damaging policy instruments in a government’s toolkit. The optimal tax mix is heavy on consumption taxes, light on corporate taxes, and somewhere in between on personal income taxes.

Followed, of course, by a list of four references.

Also, a secret message to Michael Ignatieff:


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