Very Amusing Sentences

(This is a riff off of Tyler Cowen’s not infrequent Very Good Sentences, only I’m not holding myself to anywhere near the same standards.)

First, Arnold Kling quoting Jean Tirole:

On the subject of bank bailouts and Keynesian intervention:

All of these practices share an explicit or implicit transfer of resources from households to industrial and (more often) financial sectors in periods of recession.

Thank goodness for socialist egalitarianism!  It just doesn’t bear thinking about what might’ve happened if retrograde thinkers like Donald Boudreaux had their way — those transfers might not have taken place!


Next we have David Bernstein’s construction of…

The libertarian thinks for a moment, takes a few sips of his beer, and asks, “then why not have the death penalty for discrimination?”

“Huh?,” says the liberal.

“We both agree that private discrimination is bad,” the libertarian continues, ”and my position is that I think the costs and dangers of making it illegal are not worth the benefits, especially given my background presumptions. I can see your argument that I am wrong about either my presumptions or how I weigh the costs and benefits of anti-discrimination laws, but I’m surprised to see that you are also offended that I would even apply a cost-benefit analysis to discrimination laws, because, you suggest, discrimination is so inherently evil, and it must be wiped out. Yet, under the current system, the worst thing that happens to a perpetrator of discrimination is that he suffers a monetary loss, and that’s only if he’s caught. So shouldn’t we, by your logic, simply execute anyone who’s caught discriminating, to provide much greater deterrence?”


And with that, the libertarian and the liberal agreed to disagree about antidiscrimination laws, and became best friends and drinking buddies.

The end.

(You might think that Dr. Bernstein’s example is unrealistic, but I have a number of drinking buddies like that.  Mostly we agree to disagree — often vehemently, especially when there’s beer on the table — about drug laws, but it does happen.)


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