Quote for the day

From Eric Crampton, eviscerating discussing the notion that property rights derive from the social contract (and thus that taxation cannot be theft, since you never had the right to that taxed wealth in the first place):

Is there an argument for “taxation isn’t theft” that doesn’t also support “Droit du Seigneur isn’t rape”?

Turns out that the most coherent such argument is probably “Uh… shut up!”  RTWT.

Update: Radley Balko gets an honourable mention:

  • Mark Souder. Where to begin? I hate to revel in the guy’s misery. Wait. No I don’t. This is the guy who compared medical marijuana to rape and child abuse, who scored cheap political points at the expense of cancer and AIDS patients who use marijuana to combat nausea and wasting. The hell with him. That video where he and his mistress tout the virtues of abstinence? Beautiful. Just beautiful. Earns a prominent spot in the A/V wing of the hypocrisy hall of fame.  And here’s my favorite comment on what is now my favoritest sex scandal ever: “Souder had an affair with a *female* staffer? What a RINO!”

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