On moral judgements, and the criteria therefor

So Dr. Boudreaux writes a letter to the New York Times questioning the notion that any President is a legitimate source of moral leadership.  He ends thus:

Anyone earnestly searching for moral leadership would do better to spurn all counsel on ethical matters offered by the likes of Mr. Obama and, instead, pick the brains of a neighborhood plumber or hairstylist.  These people, at least, specialize neither in deception nor in spending other people’s money.

Fair enough.  But his real insight is in the title of the relevant blog post:

Quite so.

If we all tried to be the sorts of people our dogs expect us to be, I’d have nothing but motorsports to blog about.

2 Responses to “On moral judgements, and the criteria therefor”

  1. May 13, 2010 at 21:15

    Amen brother. This is why I gave up a six figure career to be a dog trainer.

    My days are mostly free to garden, play frisbee and take long hikes in the woods and the biggest career problems I face typically involve resolving behavioral problems in beings who are, nearly without exception, wonderfully sane, predictable and good-natured.

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