There’s gotta be laws about this sort of thing

…and though sometimes those laws may seem cruel and unfair in individual circumstances, overall they are a vital part of the health and function of the modern nation-state and its people.

When I saw this headline —

— I assumed, not unreasonably, that the PRC government was giving Falun Gong adherents, or Tibetans, or internet users, or &c. a hard time again.  Turns out, not so much: this particular execrable act is yet another product of Ottawa’s Execrable Acts Division, also known as the federal fucking government.

The federal government, which barred a grieving daughter in China from coming to British Columbia for her mother’s funeral, has since denied her two subsequent requests to visit the gravesite.

(Dear CBC: Quit adding “read more” links to text I copy out of your website.  I’m already linking to you; there’s no need to be clingy.)

As it happens, this is another case of insecure Immigration dolts shitting their pretty pink panties over the possibility that a <whisper>Chinese</whisper> person might want to come to Canada on a more or less permanent basis.  That is, without jumping through all the customary hoops, rendering unto Cæsar, and so forth.  Far be it for me to suggest that someone in Canadian immigration might have a problem with people from Asia.

Documents show [Xiu Lan] Huang, now 58, asked the Canadian immigration office in Hong Kong for an urgent visa to come to B.C. to bury her mother. The NDP member of Parliament for her mother’s riding, Libby Davies, wrote a letter of support — offering her “personal guarantee” that Huang would return home to China after the funeral.

Huang also submitted documents showing she has a husband, house, car and savings in China.  [Her nephew Jason] Ma said the visa office then told her she needed to provide more banking records — showing transactions over a long period — to establish she had sufficient ties in her homeland and would not stay in Canada.

It’s hard to figure out what goes on in these whistle-dicks’ heads when they’re demanding extra documentation.  I mean, suppose just for a moment that Huang really does intend permanently to move to Canada without getting proper permission from armed thugs wearing maple leaves.  What’s the problem? “Oh no!  This Chinese woman might want to live and work here and make us all better off through comparative advantage!”

If you let her in, she might even pay taxes while she’s here.


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