Looking forward to the British GP

I have a couple rants on back burner, but somewhat lack the energy to pull them together at the moment.  So I’ll leave you with a trio of articles on the revamped Silverstone circuit.  First:

Here’s a map of the new track layouts:

Looks very… Silverstone-like, doesn’t it?  The danger of these layout renovations is always that the track will end up butchered in the name of “safety”.  Fortunately, these renovations address safety with enormous paved runoff areas (allowing cars to get back on the circuit, rather than trapping them in a gravel pit and bringing out a yellow flag).  But is it any good?

This gentleman has watched Formula 3 and GT1 races at the revised circuit, and likes it.  I draw your attention in particular to the revamped Abbey complex, which has gone from the tedious Abbey “slow the cars down — it’s for the children!” nanny chicane to a hundred and fucking ninety mile-per-hour right-hand sweeper.  They don’t build corners like that any more — except they just did! Eau Rouge at Spa; Faux Rouge at Istanbul; and now Abbey/Farm at Silverstone.  Fuckin’ A!

And just how did they manage such a spectacular renovation?  Easy: they told Hermann Tilke to go fuck himself and hired a different track architect:

Money quote:

Silverstone managing director Richard Phillips said they chose rival company Populous to produce their new Arena circuit because they didn’t want to risk someone ‘wrecking’ the track.

Nice to know that Mr. Phillips can listen to fans and drivers.  Maybe he can teach The Bernie how to do the same, one of these days.


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