Memes are funny when you’re stressed

Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you that you will no longer be able to win “an internet”, as Labrat

I was watching the movie’s version of the ghost dance, and that the subsequent battle would be Wounded Knee- only this time led by a white guy instead of a native. And, naturally, successful this time. Not merely because this time it was a white guy in a blue suit. Because the white guy in the blue suit had been, for no reason shown or suggested, chosen by God as more worthy than anyone else to save the Na’vi and lead the people. There’s nothing that fantastic about Jake Sully as Na’vi go, except he’s better at everything they do than they are and God just likes him more. No unfortunate racial or historical implications here WHATSOEVER.

— and Stingray

When I was younger, and had a hormones to brain cell ratio of somewhere around 30k to 1, I thought “pretty enough” could cover just about any sin of stupidity, especially if the girl’s mouth was otherwise occupied. As I’ve aged, however, I came to realize just how idiotic such a position was, and now no matter how pretty she is, as soon as I hear something like “Green Day is such a great band!” I get so turned off that my outie becomes an innie and I can’t even pee for two hours. “Avatar” is so utterly shittastic that were it a person I’d be so turned off that my penis would pack its things and go hang out on a Singapore wharf if I acknowledged its presence with anything even slightly more friendly than twelve hours of hitting it with a shovel.

— have won them all.


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