Nil desperandum

More good news from the Globe and Mail:

(One of these days they’ll be able to write a coherent headline.  Oh well; I suppose I can’t have everything.)

The money quote here is this one:

Canadians have little confidence in either the Conservatives or Liberals to manage the economy, balance the books or reflect their values, a new poll suggests.

Indeed, more Canadians picked “None of the above” and “Don’t know” than chose any federal party on those key issues, according to a Harris-Decima survey conducted for The Canadian Press.

(One of these days a Canadian Press dumbworm colony will consistently be able to write a multi-sentence paragraph.  Oh well; I suppose I can’t have everything.)

This one kicked over my giggle box:

“If you look at the tremendous number of Canadian voters who say ‘None of the above’ … then you have to conclude that the population has looked at the two alternatives as basically the evil of two lessers.”

I think thought this conclusion is was appropriate:

Metaphor, of course.

The politicians, that is; we voters seem to be doing just fine.

Update: Now that I’ve had time to sleep on it, the problem with the idea of tearing down the whole rotten edifice of Canadian politics is that some jumped-up jerkoff — the same ilk of individual that figured the Charter of Rights and Freedoms should be limited by popular opinion — will no doubt decide to replace it with something.  Instead, and because it’ll make John Ibbitson cry, I suggest we rather marginalize the federal political structure.  We can let it weep and masturbate in the corner while we get on with our lives, and every once in a while we’ll clean it up and parade it in front of foreign dignitaries.  “See?  We do so have a parliamentary democracy.”


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