Polemics II: Canadian federal budget boogaloo

So we’re gonna grow our way out of structural deficits, eh?  Comment dis-t’on bullshit en Ottawa? Suddenly I feel a chill of sympathy for Californians: “Don’t worry guys, we won’t have to cut spending: we’ll spend more to encourage growth, and then get it all back in taxes!”

No, wait; that’s not sympathy, it’s just a chill.

Stephen Gordon comments briefly:

This is not a serious policy document.

(There’s more to it than just that.)

Nick Rowe comments briefly (and more neutrally):

skippystalin comments at glorious length:

But it appears that worst of the Great Collapse is behind us. So what’s Harper’s deficit machine of a finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, going to do?

The answer is … spend even more money, but disguise it as an austerity budget.


In short, we’re fucked.


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