It’s 2010 racin’ season for real!

Today: Rolex Grand-Am at Fontana.  Yes, turtle tops are fugly.  No, I don’t care any more.  This one ran without a caution for the first two and a half hours, and finished with less than half a second between P1 and P2.

Next Sunday (Sunday Sunday!): The 2010 Formula One season kicks off with the Grand Prix of Bahrain.  Schumacher vs. Vettel vs. Hamilton.  Round one: fight!

The week after next: The 12 Hours at Sebring kicks off the 2010 American Le Mans season.  Looks like a showdown between Peugeot and Lola/Aston Martin in the LMP1 class, and all hell’s gonna break loose in GT2 this year.

The week after that: Back to Formula One with the Australian Grand Prix.

Good times ahead!


With that said, let’s get some more car porn up on Blunt Object.  Here’s ORECA-Matmut’s livery for their client-car Peugeot 908 HDi FAP:

Here’s the press release in PDF.

Wouldja look at the size of that splitter! Peugeot is farming out a 908 to Oreca-MATMUT to make sure they beat Audi at Le Mans this year.  I guess they’re a bit scared of the front downforce the R15 can generate and are compensating with sheer brute force.  Works for me!

(Subject line hat-tip.)


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