Not this shit again…

As depressing as it is that USF1 and Stefan GP won’t make it to the grid in 2010, I kind of saw that coming.  Silver lining: grid-walking and pit-lane commentary from Peter Windsor?  Always a plus.

And now, I’d like to speak to Scuderia Ferrari and Red Bull Renault:

Cease this chickenshittery at once!

McLaren could be dealt a hefty blow ahead of the season-opening race in Bahrain with the news that Ferrari and Red Bull have asked the FIA to investigate the legality of the team’s rear wing.

Rival teams are believed to be upset about a nostril above the driver’s helmet that diverts air flow away from the rear wing in order to reduce drag, an innovation that reportedly gives the team an advantage of 6mp/h in straight-line speed.

If I’m getting this crap about “high-speed nostrils” right, SF and RBR are mewling about this:

Basically, McL are taking some air that would go around the airbox and over the rear wing, and ducting it through the shark fin into a slot that opens on the back of the rear wing.  This energizes the flow on the underside of the wing, preventing flow separation and both increasing downforce and reducing turbulence (and thus drag).  It’s a pretty clever idea, sort of like using the rear crash structure as a diffuser channel.

Unlike the double-deck diffusers, though, blown rear wings were in use last year:

In other words, Ferrari and Red Bull missed it, the F1 nerd world caught it, and McLaren improved upon it.  Bravo, McL; that’s how race car engineering is supposed to work.  Ferrari and Red Bull are cordially invited to start car companies in Detroit if their idea of “competition” is lobbying governing bodies to make their competitors’ superior products illegal.

There’s some neat discussion on the f1technical MP4-25 thread about how McL might’ve improved on the concept by selectively stalling the wing at high speeds.  Moveable aero is of course prohibited (except for the flaps on the front wing), but you can do neat things with pressure differentials to control airflow.  (And if you’re up for some serious business, have a look near the start of that thread where a gentleman going by “goony” hinted about this very damn thing in mid-November last year, was roundly pooh-poohed by half the forum elites, and ended up losing his job at… McLaren… and removing the text from his previous posts.  I’d have expected the Drama Llama to be in full rampage up-thread, but everyone’s too excited being aero nerds to feel much shame.)


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