It’s important to get the details right

So the big news of the day is the fucking amazing hockey game.  Sidney Crosby adroitly scored the game-winner in overtime after Zach Parisé tied the game with half a minute left in the 3rd.  Ryan Miller earned a well-deserved MVP (though I bet he wishes he had a gold medal instead).  This leaves the United States with the most medals EVAR in a Winter Olympics, and Canada with the most gold medals EVAR in a &c. We do winter sports pretty well on this continent.

Records like this are of course fodder for ambulatory dumbworm colonies like Jaime Aron of the Associated Press.  You gotta write something about them, and it’s reasonably easy to dredge up little factoids you might’ve come across in the suffocatingly heavy coverage from the local legacy media.  On the other hand, when writing a story about an ongoing event — as Aron was doing about a day ago — one runs the risk of that story changing.  It’s always wise to hedge one’s bets.

Hedging your bets: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

There are only two events on Sunday, the hockey game and a 50-kilometer men’s cross-country race. Americans and Canadians are long shots to get medals in either event.

So.  Men’s hockey finals.  Winner takes gold, loser takes silver.  Can someone besides Jaime Aron tell me who was playing in that game?

Layers of editorial oversight….


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