Indy Car needs to be like Grand Am

Fuck me sideways, this is not hard.

I’m sitting here grading papers and watching Dave Despain on SpeedTV (oh, and drinking), and Robin Miller is talking at me about the new Indy Car concept.  Which is… well, if you google “Jalopnik Indy Car penis”, it’s the first hit.


YA RLY.  It looks like Batman’s codpiece with a roll structure and a dorsal fin.

Robin Miller, and he has a damn good point, suggests that IndyCar’s teams are sick and tired of buying a spec chassis from Dallara at $650k and leasing a “detuned” engine from Honda at $1.3M (his numbers, though I may have misremembered them).  I’m not fucking surprised: this’d be why no-one gives a fuck about Indy any more. Update: I neglected to mention that this dissatisfaction is the raison d’être behind the Flying Dildo: it’s half the mass of the old car, with a mere 300 horsepower, and expected (hah!) to be half the price.

Good god, folks, take a fucking clue from the France family (er… not the bit about street racing in a Cayenne whilst juiced to the gills) — give multiple chassis manufacturers franchise approval under a common aero spec, and multiple engine manufacturers similar approval under a “we regulate your intake restrictors and rev limiters to make good racing” spec.  It fucking works for Grand Am, and it will work for you too if you haul your heads out of your clenched assholes.


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