Did I wake up in Bizarro Land this morning?

Washington, D.C. is suing AT&T because some customers who buy its prepaid calling cards don’t always use up all the minutes. […] It’s suing on the notion that when a customer doesn’t use up all of a product or service they purchase, the remainder belongs to the government.

That’s… special.  Here I figured that AT&T was selling up to (however many) minutes’ worth of basic system access to whoever bought the calling card, for as long as the card was valid.  Those cellphone minutes aren’t tangible things that AT&T takes away when the card expires: what’s being sold is temporary access, and you get that — for as long as it lasts — whether you use your full quota or not.

Which makes me wonder… is DC going to start suing internet providers for every customer that doesn’t use up all of s/h/its daily bandwidth cap?  Or, as Mr. Balko suggests:

Next up, D.C. sues Burger King for stray fries that go uneaten after falling to the bottom of the drive-thru bag.


(Subject line hattip – scroll down.)


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