Mistletoed motorsports merriment

Let’s have some carblogging, shall we?


The biggest news of the season is, of course, Michael Schumacher’s return to Formula One.

Michael Schumacher has admitted that he would not be returning to F1 with Mercedes had Ferrari not asked him to temporarily replace Felipe Massa in the summer.

Though that short-term comeback was called off due to a neck injury, Schumacher has admitted that the emotions generated by Ferrari’s call were the reason why he has signed a three-year deal with Mercedes to make a stunning return to the sport at the age of 41.

So… Schumi’s back with Ross Brawn — who’s just developed a WCC-winning chassis.  I don’t think this’ll be a repeat of 2002,  but if I was driving for someone else I’d be nervous.


Somewhat older, but at least as interesting, is news from the sportscar world that Audi will be a core participant in the as yet somewhat shadowy Le Mans Intercontinental Cup:

In the future, the so-called “Le Mans Intercontinental Cup” will consist of the major races of the Le Mans Series in Europe, the USA and Asia and aims to continue the heyday of the legendary World Championship for Makes. In its debut year in 2010, the 1000-kilometer race at Silverstone (Great Britain), the “Petit Le Mans” race at Road Atlanta (USA) and an event on the Asian continent. Further races are to be added in 2011.

Audi will contest the new Le Mans Intercontinental Cup in the 2010 season with two R15 TDI cars fielded by Audi Sport Team Joest. Three cars are planned for the 24-hour race at Le Mans on June 12/13. Audi Sport Team Joest plans also to contest the 1000-kilometer race at Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium), which Audi would like to use as a dress rehearsal for Le Mans, with three cars.



In somewhat more accessible terms, we are delighted to discover that Toyota is at least thinking about thinking about offering their FT-86 (it won’t be called that, but we don’t care — it’s a reprise of the hachiroku, a light fast RWD coupe) in stripped-down, track-ready, five grand cheaper form:

How cool is that?  This cool:

Image link goes to full-frontal Jalopnik car porn gallery

If that’s a real diffuser, I’ll probably need a Kleenex and a new pair of trousers.


And for those with a keen appreciation for 1980s automotive history and a willingness to let their rear tires do little more than generate understeer torques, Honda’s reprising the fabled CRX — in hybrid form:

A six-speed H-gate, under 10s 0-60, and over 40mpg?  I like where this is going.


Merry Christmas, everyone.


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