Shut up about Tiger Woods

Goodness me.  Rich handsome athlete has sex with many women.  Stop the fucking presses!  OMG ONOZ! Wait; I have an animated gif for that:

Shocked is what we are.  But as usual, Eric Crampton puts it better:

In particular, he quotes Satoshi Kanazawa thus:

During the course of the year 2010, there will be at least one sex scandal involving a notable politician, there will be at least one sex scandal involving a notable athlete, and there will be at least one sex scandal involving other celebrities. And the politicians, athletes, and celebrities involved will all be men.

Yes, this is the most banal prediction that anyone can make. (I also predict that there will be lots of snow in Buffalo, NY, this winter.) But do me a favor: If you are going to complain that my prediction is banal, which it is, then please don’t act surprised when it comes true, which it inevitably will. A statement cannot simultaneously be banal and surprising (let alone outrageous and disappointing) at the same time.


I don’t mean to suggest that Tiger Woods was justified in cheating on his wife.  But as Mr. Kanazawa points out, this is far from a surprising turn of events: handsome young world-class athletes are likely to attract shit-tons of groupies, and the drive that creates a world-class young athlete is unlikely to be satisfied with abstract measures of sporting success.  If we deny the biology behind these things, we’re likely to end up confused and disappointed.

1 Response to “Shut up about Tiger Woods”

  1. 1 aczarnowski
    December 23, 2009 at 06:22

    There is a “Wet Water” award somewhere right? Like a big and painful balloon rocketed at receipients from a three person slingshot or something?

    2009 was a bumper year for nominations.

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