Oh, Canada

Every country contains stupid.  Here’s a couple of ours:

So the Dutch government wants to bring a bunch of bikes over to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Games.  (We have plenty of our own, but that’s not important: this is a PR stunt.)  The plan is a bit self-righteous — cyclists are involved, so this is difficult to avoid — but generally pretty decent:

The [Dutch pavilion] staff could use the bikes to go to their hotels; and families of Dutch athletes and the public could hop on a bike to go from the hospitality centre to the Olympic speed-skating oval, located less than 10 minutes away.
After the Games, the bicycles would be donated to a local charity, [Dutch consul-general Hans] Driesser said.

But of course there’s a problem.  If you guessed “taxes”, come to the front to collect your gold star:

But the taxman has put the brakes on their plans, at least temporarily, by demanding import duties that may make the bicycle program too expensive, say consular officials from the Netherlands.  Dutch officials initially balked at the cost, which reflected a markup of more than a 100 per cent.


Dutch officials were told the tax could be avoided only if the bikes were sent back to the Netherlands after the Games, he said. Dutch officials were hoping that they could work out an exception to the import duties for the Olympics, he added.

You caught that “donated to charity” bit, right?  Well, in Canada, “charity” means “taxes”.

This is playground politics: the CRA’s throwing a hissy fit because one of the other neighbourhood kids is bringing a new toy to their sandbox.


Next we discover the perils of Lego in Canada’s Most Humourless City:

(Hat tip: Unc)

So: Torontonian buys Lego Glock kit online.  Torontonian assembles said kit in his office.  Other Torontonian freaks out, fails to notice Lego pips atop the slide, and calls the police.  Toronto PD’s Emergency Task Force bounces Lego-Man off a few walls before discovering said Lego pips atop the slide.  And then, as the article says:

But even the police had to laugh at the fake weapon they eventually found. Bell was then released without charges.

Meanwhile, the sheepish neighbour appeared in the window holding up a message on Thursday: “Sorry,” he wrote. “It looked real.”

Well, you can’t be too careful these days, now can you?  Everybody peer into everyone else’s office; there may be black plastic bricks in there!


Tune in after my paper deadline (this evening) for more “Holy shit I’ve got a paper deadline” (Wednesday next) content-light blogging!


3 Responses to “Oh, Canada”

  1. December 15, 2009 at 07:14

    It’s probably easier to laugh if you haven’t just been assisted to the ground.

    This should read, released after profuse apologies.

    And the neighbour better put up something better than an apology-

    “Steak dinner and show are on me”, or something like that.


  2. 2 maddmedic
    December 15, 2009 at 20:06

    Oh my…and to think Obummer want that in the US of A……

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