New frontiers in bad ideas

CrankyProf reports on a Brilliant Idea from her university’s administration, apparently part of an effort to curb energy costs:

In a move sure to agitate all faculty and outright enrage the venerable silverbacks, the Uni has sent out an e-mail requesting that faculty members get rid of any personal beverage makers — i.e., coffee pots and electric kettles — in order to save money. In addition, the small ($25/year) Uni contribution to the faculty (note: not department — entire faculty) coffee fund is being revoked. Oh, and we should unplug departmental ‘fridges over weekends, as well.

Of course, this is part of an all-out austerity campaign to slash expenditures to the bone.  Isn’t it?

This, from the admin who routinely turns the heat on in September, and then tells everyone to “open the windows and turn on the ceiling fans” if it gets too hot.

This, from the admin who decided that the Uni President’s portrait (which hangs at the far end of an alcove in an unused ballroom on the third floor of a large marble hall that consists of mostly-unused meeting rooms) needed to be floodlit, 24/7.


I suspect lobbying from Students’ Union-run coffee shops.


5 Responses to “New frontiers in bad ideas”

  1. November 15, 2009 at 17:47

    The to ask in these situations – or in all situations – is cui bono.

    So, yeah – I suspect the dirty hand of coffee shops. Or whomever has the beverage machine concession.

    The former might have more pull. The latter have more bucks.

  2. 2 crankylitprof
    November 16, 2009 at 06:14

    Sadly, I don’t know that I’d ascribe anything more sinister than, “Most Admin wonks have their heads up their asses.”

    This is the same group that decided the word “meetings” was too negative, and decided to re-label all meetings as “hubs of understanding.”

  3. November 16, 2009 at 07:01

    This is the same group that decided the word “meetings” was too negative

    I am afraid to ask how ‘meet’ is negative. Do your sports teams still ‘meet’?

    Has anyone told this to the Quakers?

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