Ft. Hood &c.

Well, now that I’ve formed a stable opinion I find that what I want to say has been better said by others.  So let’s go down the list in order.

First and most importantly, from Roberta X:

In other news, 3,699 to 13,999 Muslims serving in the U. S. military didn’t go on a shooting spree yesterday.

It’s not the religion. It’s not the guns. It’s the crazy. And no one group has a lock on crazy. Yeah, it’d be nice if you could single out the wicked and the dangerously loony with a simple survey. But it doesn’t work that way and no amount of pointing-with-alarm will make it so.

Just a little, huh.  Hasan wasn’t a hateful murderous asshole because he was Muslim any more than Fred Phelps is a hateful treasonous asshole because he’s Christian.  The “Muslim” part may have been his particular trigger, but those of you keeping score from home will have noted a pair of copycattish spree killings — one in Orlando, one somewhere in Washington State — shortly thereafter.  As I understand it, the problem there is that Hasan’s little orgy of petulant violence reminded those unstable cockvomits that killing a bunch of your friends will get you time on CNN, so that’s the route they took.  I doubt they stopped eating pork beforehand.

And while we’re at it, why is it that a gigantic military base in the midst of a Long War against irregular forces could be one of the most thoroughly disarmed parts of Texas?

The more I think about it, the more pissed off I get at the “this is our home” comment from the completely unsat and hopefully about-to-fall-on-his-sword General Cone.

Sure, General, your troops were “safe at home”… in a war with no fronts.

They were every bit as safe at home as the crews of the USS Cole or the battleship Arizona.  Safe at home like the Marines in their barracks in Beirut.

Boat Guy, in the comments, adds:

Of course our ID cards read “Uniformed Services of the United States” now instead of “Armed Forces…” so perhaps we shoulda known …


Next we discover, once again, that the press has no goddamn clue what it’s talking about when matters turn even slightly technical.

SailorCurt quotes Fox as reporting that:

The initial investigation shows that Hasan allegedly used only one gun during the attack — a 5.7-caliber semiautomatic pistol.

The handgun in question is in fact a Fabrique Nationale Five-seveN, famous for its appearance in Counter-Strike and (until now) absolutely fuck-all else.  Its 5.7x28mm round is also fired by the FN P-90 (also famous primarily for its appearance in Counter-Strike), and as Tam notes is something like a particularly hot .22LR in lethality (and the OMG TEH SCARY armour-piercing variety is over 9000 kinds of illegal and no more capable in the “killing people” department).

But a 5.7-caliber weapon?  That’s quite something.  Just go click that link up there to SailorCurt’s article for a rather visual demonstration.

The real question, of course, is what we need to do to our security state to make sure that Nothing Like This Ever Happens Again?


Good thing they’re declaring libertarians to be domestic terrorists instead of investigating army officers who praise suicide bombers.  That’s totally different!

Further on, we discover that the cries of “terr’ism!” being tossed around aren’t precisely consistent with the broader narrative.  I’ll defer on this subject to both Glenn Greenwald and (of all people) Jonah Goldberg, the latter of whom notes that:

Terrorism is, by conventional definition, an attack on civilians intended to strike fear in the non-military population in order to advance a political or ideological agenda. Hasan didn’t attack civilians, he attacked uniformed members of the U.S. Army in advance of their deployment to the frontlines. It was an evil act, but was it an act of terrorism?

Something can be sick and wrong without being terrorism.  Shocking, that.


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