On the subject of agricultural politics

I’ve got a wee bit of a hate on for Canadian agricultural subsidies and related governmental coercion.  This latest trigger for my (purely rhetorical) homicidal tendencies is a news story by virtue of Eric Crampton:

Here’s the gist of the problem, courtesy of the Globe and FMail:

Europe insists that its dairy industries have full access to Canadian markets without any unfair competition from within Canada. Danish, Irish and French butter can be bought in supermarkets all over Europe, and officials see no reason why that can’t be the case in Canada, too.

And for the most part, Canada’s farmers share that desire: There are beef shortages in European markets, for example, and the beef-cattle industry is lobbying for more open access, along with most other farm sectors, which see Europe’s 500 million people as a highly desirable market for farm products.

But dairy farmers in central Canada, who represent a small share of agriculture, are pushing hard for protection of the government-subsidy program known as supply management. European farmers generally not receive subsidies for the production of food, and provincial supply-management programs, which mainly apply only to dairy, would be seen as an unfair competitive advantage.


If I hadn’t grown up in Western Canada, I’d wonder why these smug self-satisfied cockvomits from Out East are so convinced that they can fuck over everyone else in the goddamn country to maintain their profit margins.  But having had a continent’s-length view of the subject, I’m well-convinced that the east-of-Winnipeg mentality is pretty damn clear in that “making other people suffer so that we can maintain our status quo” is par for the fucking course.

Ag subsidies.  Fuck.

I am disappoint.


1 Response to “On the subject of agricultural politics”

  1. November 9, 2009 at 17:51

    So, it’s kinda like the US – but without the ginormous irrigation subsidies?

    Most of my family farms. All the way down to the generation after mine. And I’ve spent about a decade living on various farms myself. So I suppose one would expect me to be in favor of farm subsidies – but I’m very much not.

    IME in the US far too many ‘business’ decisions on a modern farm are based on taking advantage of Uncle Sam instead of on good business or sustainability practices.

    In the long run, this is going to bite us in the butt – big time.

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