Clever things from other people

Amusing things from around the internet, because I have a desperate need to procrastinate but no energy with which to do so:


First of all, we find that Bastiat est de retour in the form of Bryan Caplan’s muse:

Dr. Caplan presents four reformulations of “counterintuitive” propositions in more intuitive form, usually by going to one extreme and stepping back slightly.  Consider:

Counterintuitive claim: Free trade makes countries richer, even if the other countries have big advantages like cheaper labor or more advanced technology.

Intuitive version:  We’d be better off if other countries gave us stuff for free.  Isn’t “really cheap” the next-best thing?

He solicits requests in the comments.


Next we visit an evil right-wing gun blog.  See, it’s got guns in it, so it must be evil and right-wing.

Being evil and right-wing and stuff (you can tell ’cause of the guns), SayUncle… tears a strip off of Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who apparently believes that gay marriage is ‘part of a socialist agenda to undermine “the foundations of individual rights and liberties”’ and unaccountably isn’t ashamed to say it in public:

Yeah, they’re the ones doing that. It was totally the gays who passed roving wiretaps; mandated two flush toilets; made it a felony to import lobsters in bags and not boxes; eliminated my right to choose which light bulbs I can use; mandated that all my banking transactions be monitored; and said I needed a proctological exam to board an airplane. That was the gays alright and not boneheads whose names start with Rep.

But wait, it gets better!  In the comments we discover this gem:

When a Republican starts talking about individual rights and liberties, they’re basically just making a gang sign. The only purpose is to say specific phrases that identify them to other Republicans as a member of the tribe.

Republican gang signs.  I love it.


Via Offsetting Behaviour, we next discover that the Scottish BrewDog brewery have released… well, I’ll just link and quote:

A brewery has launched a low alcohol beer called Nanny State after being branded irresponsible for creating the UK’s “strongest beer”.

Scottish brewer BrewDog, of Fraserburgh, was criticised for Tokyo* which has an alcohol content of 18.2%

…sorry, I sorta glazed over for a minute there. 18.2% beer, eh?  Someone tell Stone.  But if you thought that was funny, enjoy this:

Jack Law, chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland, said of the new Nanny State beer: “This is a positive move which proves that low strength doesn’t compromise quality.”

(“Jack Law”?  Really?)


Next, skippystalin enjoins tourists in Canada to experience this country’s subtle and complex social narrative:

If there’s one thing I’d invite my foreign readership to do, it would be to hitch-hike across the country and ask every local they see, “Why isn’t there someone from Toronto here telling you what to do?” Oh, the friends you’ll make that way! Nothing is more popular in Canada than Toronto.

That last sentence is patently true: most of us would seize upon the option of replacing Toronto with nothing.


Finally, how about some anarchocapitalist agitprop?

Sex, violence, and elemental gold as a medium of exchange.  What’s not to like?

(Rumors that my middle name is “Neil” and that my last starts with “S” are largely unsubstantiated.)

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  1. 1 aczarnowski
    September 29, 2009 at 07:11

    While I’m having trouble keeping up with appropriately witty and insightful comments, I heartily approve of the recent posting rate.

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