Mid-week misanthropy, vol. 33

It’s coming up on tax season — time to give the government their annual pound of flesh.  Even if you’re expecting a refund, tax season is never a particularly happy time: there are documents to be gathered (and lost, and found again after frantic searches), forms to be filled and double-checked, recondite rules to be pored over and half-understood, and so on.  It leads to a general sense of unease.

Particularly if you’re involved in the Vancouver drug trade.

An alleged leak within the Canada Revenue Agency may have allowed rivals of B.C’s United Nations Gang to acquire confidential information to target its members, police say.


Ryan said he learned of the alleged leak through the Abbotsford Police Department in late 2007 — just before members of the United Nations gang, alleged to be one of the West Coast’s most powerful criminal organizations, started to be targeted in a wave of violence that has peaked in recent weeks.

Well, that’s awesome.  Sure makes me glad we have a strong central government collecting personal data to keep us safe and all that.


Switching governments, we find this little piece of idiocy from Utah:

Apparently watching someone prepare an alcoholic beverage — or even watching someone who appears to be drunk — is enough to turn a Hadleyburgher Utahn into a raging boozer.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – A Utah Senate committee has approved a bill that would hide the preparation of alcoholic drinks behind 10-foot-high walls in restaurants and make it illegal to appear drunk.


The bill passed unanimously on Friday. It will now be debated on the Senate floor.

Looks to me like at least one colony of dumbworms didn’t wait for their newspaper to fail before seeking out an alternate food source.


Continuing our Government Idiocy Magical Mystery Tour, we go to Venezuela:

Chavez is apparently bewildered that setting strict price controls on rice has made it difficult for rice processors to (a) process rice and (b) stay in business.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez ordered troops to take control of the country’s rice processing businesses Saturday, saying some have balked at producing under regulated prices.


Venezuela regulates prices on many of its basic foodstuffs — including chicken, rice and sugar — to combat soaring inflation, which reached 30.9 per cent last year. Chavez last raised the price of rice a year ago, and consumers now pay just over $1 US per kilogram.

Chavez has often threatened to go after suppliers he has accused of hoarding food supplies to sell later at inflated prices. He first set his sights on Empresas Polar a year ago, calling it a “clear example” of the kind of business that is ripe for takeover.

I don’t really need to add to this one, do I?


Let’s turn the dumbass dial down from 9 to, oh, around 6.

(Hat tip: Mad Rocket Scientist)

This is being done in the name of raising tax dollars to fund health care reform.  Apparently it’s better to force rich people to give the government more money, some of which might eventually get to hospitals and the like, than to encourage them to give that money directly to the groups that need it.  Yay populism.

Charities are, as you might suspect, raising a fuss.  The White House has countered with this little gem:

The White House says that the plan won’t hurt charities, in part because it doesn’t take effect until 2011, when Obama officials expect the economic recovery to have begun.

Wait, what?  “Economic recovery” will repeal the principles of economics?  (In this case: “If you want less of something, tax it.”*)  Making it more painful for rich people to give to charity will result in rich people giving less to charity, whether the country’s in recession or recovery.

A more conspiracy-minded writer might suggest that this is a plot to give Washington even more power over charities and non-profits — since fewer private donations will necessarily direct their fundraising efforts towards government — but I’m willing to attribute this to stupidity rather than malice.


We’ll finish up with an account of that taxpayer-funded charity:

How’s that bailout working for you?



* This works only up to a point, and only as long as there are no untaxed substitute products.

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  1. March 7, 2009 at 20:33

    Oh! Do you *really* not understand the threat posed by Jack Mormons! I spent much of my 20’s in Mormon country and can verify that they are some of the most hard-core drinkers this side of Hunter S. Thompson.

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