Yippee-ki-yay; merry Christmas

Die Hard is my favourite Christmas movie.

Most Christmas stories are fairy tales of mortal inferiority and supernatural paternalism.  Die Hard, by contrast, is a tale of individual competence and agency, and despite the fact that it’s a popcorn-action movie where about a dozen undeserving people die in choreographed action sequences it manages to be less morose and disturbing than the classics — in fact, it’s downright uplifting if taken in the right mindset.

Die Hard is a fairy tale, to be sure: the good guys (though mostly flawed in plot-inconsequential ways) just do good; the bad guys (easily-identified and unambiguous) just do bad.  The unambiguously good guys come out of the movie ahead; the unambiguously bad guys end up dead; and a few unpleasant but not fundamentally evil characters simply end up satisfyingly humiliated.  As these things go, the acting’s pretty decent (though it’s very much not the point), and it has a goodly complement of quotable one-liners.  It won’t enhance your reputation as a film snob, but that’s probably not what you’re up to at 01:00h on Christmas eve.  And they do some fantastically entertaining things with Beethoven’s Ninth.

Either way, may your Christmas end up as successful as John McClane’s, but without any of the bullshit beforehand.

1 Response to “Yippee-ki-yay; merry Christmas”

  1. December 25, 2008 at 19:49

    Not much of one for smarmy, syrupy pap — I LOVE the idea of Die Hard as a holiday movie!

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