Beers of Milwaukee, vol. 18

I am once again in Milwaukee, visiting my parents over Christmas.  I received my first Christmas gift today: the free market gave me a broad selection of beers from Stone Brewery, including the entirely apposite Arrogant Bastard Ale (which really isn’t an accurate thing to say about me — my parents were married when I was conceived).  But for that review (and those of other Stone products) you’ll have to wait; my topic this evening is Flying Dog Brewery’s seasonal K-9 Cruiser winter ale.

I regret to inform you that K-9 Cruiser is a pretty decent beer.

See, I began my visit to Milwaukee with a cascade of air travel-inflicted misfortune, each element of which was tedious and banal but which in total pissed me all kinds of fucking off, and a day which saw me suffering scores of petty indignities with no capacity of my own for agency ended with a six-pack of Snake Dog IPA… and after the fifth Snake Dog I managed to relax.  I’d been reading Heller’s Catch 22 through most of the ill-spent day, and by the time I finished that fifth beer Yossarian’s predicament had gone from absurdly amusing to poignantly mirthful to it’s-funny-because-it’s-true to too-close-to-home and at last back to absurdly amusing and I giggled like a schoolgirl and slept like a log.

What I mean to say is that Flying Dog makes fucking magnificent beer, by and large, and that the fact that their winter ale is merely good leaves me somewhat crestfallen.

K-9 Cruiser describes itself on the label as very dark and very malty.  It is, kinda, except that when you consider that Flying Dog’s Gonzo Imperial Porter describes itself as the ne plus ultra of dark and malty the K-9 Cruiser just doesn’t measure up.  The K-9 winter ale ends up about halfway between Big Rock’s Traditional ale and Rogue’s Dead Guy ale.  It’s pretty malty, fairly sweet, and well on the darker side of the scale… but it’s just not as fucking awesome as Flying Dog’s other beers.

So basically, if I was still in Canada where I had a fairly limited selection of easily-available awesome beers, I’d be elated to find Flying Dog’s seasonal winter ale at my local liquor store.  I am, however, in Wisconsin, where I can find just about every outstanding beer on the face of this air-swathed mudball in every single grocery store… and I kinda wish I’d picked up a sixer of Road Dog porter instead.

I guess the fundamental problem with Flying Dog’s K-9 Cruiser winter ale isn’t the beer itself: it’s that they’re selling it in a fantastically unrestricted market alongside a cornucopia of outstanding ales, including Dead Guy (which is a better beer).

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